Dog Training Cost

How much does dog training cost?

A dog is a popular pet that brings much joy to a family or an owner, but a well trained dog is a much greater pleasure than a poorly behaved animal. Training a dog is part of the joy of ownership and is not an expensive pursuit, but costs for professional training classes will vary according to the length and depth of the training and the location.

General Cost

• You will find differences in price between classes for puppies and those for adult dogs – the latter are more difficult to train, the former at the right age.
• A local pet store run dog training class for puppies may incur a fee of between $40 to $150 for a set of six hourly sessions, these being run weekly and in groups of people with dogs to train. The above figure is for adult dogs – reduce it by twenty percent for puppies.
• If you want professional one to one training for you and your dog you will need to pay between $30 and $150 for a single hour long session, the variation being the amount of training needed and the location. This can be a very sensible option for bigger, more powerful animals.
• You can look at the option of monthly bulk buying as this is often a way of securing discounts.
• The ultimate training is to send your dog to a boarding school – this will cost you in excess of $1500 – the lower end of the market – for a four week stay of one to one training.

Extra Cost

• You will need to purchase the required lead and, if needed, muzzle and harness; for decent quality items allow around the $50 mark.
• Books, DVD’s and more information on the training of dogs can be had for a few dollars and may be useful.


• Many people choose to train their dogs themselves; buy a book on dog training for $10 and follow the routines in it – there are many on the market and dogs in general respond to sensible routine training.
• If you have more than one dog in training you should try and negotiate a discount.
• Look for cheaper courses at dog shelters, especially if taking an animal from them.


• Always shop around for the best deal – this is a competitive market and the packages offered by various trainers differ.
• Check at your local pet store and vet for recommended services
• See The Association of Pet Dog Trainers website for expert advice and information on rates and costs and nearby facilities
• Ask around friends and family for advice - you never know who may recommend a good deal.

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