Dog Vaccination Cost

How much does dog vaccination cost?

As a nation of dog lovers it is in our nature to keep our pets in tip top condition, and vaccinations against common diseases and infections are part and parcel of dog ownership. We vaccinate puppies against the ailments that can attack them in their younger days and older dogs against diseases that may strike, an while not a guarantee of success these are regarded as essential and many vets will not treat dogs in later life that have not had their full vaccinations. Furthermore, kennels will not take them. Costs vary across the country according to the location, and according to the vaccination involved.

General Cost

• In the first year of your dog’s life you will be required to have a series of vaccinations at different intervals; it is advisable to budget around $150 to $200 for these essential vaccinations.
• After the first year the need for vaccinations becomes less frequent, but many people will find they spend around $100 per year on essential vaccinations for their dog during each year of its life.
• You may stick with the standard vaccinations – as costed above – and any other additional recommended vaccinations will cost extra.
• The price of vaccinations may vary not just with the vet concerned but also with the type of dog, some of which require special attention.

Extra Cost

• Allow extra vaccinations for special diseases that may be prevalent in certain areas, and these will be between $10 and $20 for each shot.
• If you wish to have you dog vaccinated to the first year level every year check with your vet as to the necessity and advisability of doing so.


• Always keep jabs and other shots up to date – if you need to put your dog in a kennel in later life it may be expensive to have the vaccinations done at short notice, and your dog may not be accepted by many kennels as a result.
• Some people vaccinate their dogs themselves by ordering the vaccines online – whether this is a recommended course of action depends upon how familiar you are with your dog’s behaviour.
• Check local regulations of the required frequency of rabies vaccinations.


• Always shop around for the best deal – this is a competitive market and the packages offered by various providers differ.
• Check at your local pet store and vet for recommended services
• See website for expert advice and information on rates and costs and nearby registered vets.

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