Point of Sale System Cost

How much does a point of sale system cost?

Any small business would be well advised to invest in a point of sale system; essentially this is a computer run facility that allows for sales to be accounted for and incorporated and which will then allow for the production of detailed analysis of sales and profit. Such systems are very useful in keeping track of the progress of a business, and the cost will vary depending on what it is you require.

General Cost

• A simple, basic point of sale single till system that would be useful in a small shop would cost anywhere from $1500 to $2000.
• For multiple till systems the cost will escalate according to size – for five tills you may be looking at a price of in excess of $15000 for a fully functioning system.
• If you are operating your POS system via a computer you can simply invest in the software; this does away with the need for expensive tills and can cost as little as $800.
• Check the likes of Microsoft and QuickBooks for decent and affordable self installed systems.

Extra Cost

• Your POS system – whether fully installed or computer operated – should produce the basic package reports that businesses use – sales, P&L and so on – but any more complex requirements may need custom reports building.
• Any installed till based system will require maintenance – make sure it is built in with the deal you choose.


• There are some systems that are designed to operate in specific industries – check these for possible options that may help your cause as they will be pre-configured for your needs.
• If you are, or know of, a computer whizz-kid you may be able to have a bespoke system created and running for little cost.
• Consider buying second hand – it is a sad fact that business and shops close down every day, and they will most likely have an operational POS system ready to sell – a great discount can be secured if you are lucky.
• Ask local business support agencies for information on possible help in procuring a POS system.


• Always shop around for the best deal – this is a competitive market and the packages offered by various providers differ.
• Leasing may be an option for some business and can save a great deal of expenditure, particularly if you need a complex system.
• Check the warranty and after sales support that comes with your chosen POS system.

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