Wedding Dress Cost

How much does a wedding dress cost?

Perhaps the most important decision a bride will take – other than that of her chosen husband – is the dress she will wear for the big day. A wedding dress is traditionally a specially chosen outfit that reflects the nature of the occasion, and yet these days there are many different approaches to how a bride will dress. This means that, quite naturally, the cost of a wedding dress can vary considerably.

General Cost

• For a simple approach that can be very effective many women choose a standard yet stylish off the shelf evening dress – in cream or white as tradition befits – that can cost around the $200. This can be cost effective as the dress may be worn for other occasions in a different way.
• A more elegant and traditional style wedding gown, with minimal beading and added decor, will come in somewhere around the $500 to $1000 mark from a respected vendor, with the upper level possibly including a specially made outfit and the lower off the shelf designs.
• For custom made silk or other specially designed dresses, complete with all the embellishments and a style chosen by the bride, the price is anything you want it to be but a high quality custom made dress will cost around $3000 to $5000 – far more than the national average for a wedding dress which stands at just over $1000.

Extra Cost

• Remember the accessories – details and underclothes can add up to $50 on even the most basic dress.
• Budget for alterations to your dress to make the fit perfect – the price depends on what you need to have done.


• Consider second hand – many boutiques take in once worn wedding dresses of a high quality that may be bespoke or luxury off the shelf designs in perfect condition.
• Bridal fairs can be great places to get discounts, especially on the display items that are either mannequin or model worn.
• Make sure you are happy with the design and do not be swayed to wear something you do not like by a designer who wants you to look how they want you to look!


• and are excellent sources of information and advice on everything from styles to suppliers and designers.
• Don’t be afraid to haggle on the opening quotes – it is possible to secure discounts.
• Use the internet for added information and options.

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