Wedding Flowers Cost

How much does wedding flowers cost?

Flowers have long been an essential requirement of weddings from the ceremony itself right through to the reception, and deciding on the type and quantity of flowers you want at your wedding can be a major part of the deliberations. It is difficult to come to a figure that defines a general cost of wedding flowers as the costs will vary thanks to the nature of the display and the local prices you will be paying.

General Cost

• Any price you are given for wedding flowers should include the table decorations at the reception, any flowers needed for the ceremony, brides and bridesmaids bouquets and the buttonhole flowers for the groom, best man and male attendants. The average cost for these, across the nation, is said to be in the region of $700 for standard wedding. This will, of course, vary greatly from place to place and between each individual wedding.
• The most important element for many is the bride’s bouquet, and this can weigh in at anywhere between $50 and $200 depending on the size and the blooms used to create it.
• Special blooms will always add more to the cost of a floral package and make up the greater cost of some displays; special creations involving orchids may be a couple of hundred dollars for one bespoke item.
• Bear in mind that costs vary greatly not only between locations but between individual providers in those locations.

Extra Cost

• Remember the accessories – the number of buttonholes you buy depends on those who need them.


• Consider making the floral decorations yourself – there is great scope in creating a lovely display from many a floral garden; if you know someone who grows beautiful flowers ask them if they would be willing to help.
• Bridal fairs can be great places to get discounts, especially on the display items.
• Make sure you are happy with the flowers you choose and make it your own decision as to the type and quantity you use.
• Use in-season flowers for the best prices.


• and offer great advice on local suppliers with some nice ideas on how to plan your floral decorations.
• Don’t be afraid to haggle on the opening quotes – it is possible to secure discounts.
• Use the internet for added information and options.

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