Wedding Music Band Cost

How much does a wedding music band cost?

A wedding isn’t a wedding without some music, and whether you engage a band to play before the ceremony or at the reception – or both – you will find that they enlighten the day and add to the experience. Deciding on the band you want – the type of music and the length of performance – is something that is a matter of individual choice, but bear in mind that the cost of a band will vary in many ways.

General Cost

• An average and competent five piece band playing a variety of musical styles that are typical of wedding bands will cost you something in the region of $1500 to $2500.
• For this price you should get two performances of two hours each and a full set of songs that are designed to satisfy all ages and liven the occasion.
• The price will vary as to the reputation of the band – some with more famous profiles will cost considerably more than others.
• A bigger band will cost more, and one with fewer members will command a lesser fee.
• You will also pay more depending on where you are and when the occasion takes place; a band engaged to play in a major city will charge more than one in a rural or suburban area, and one playing on seasonably popular dates may charge a premium.

Extra Cost

• If you want audience participation in the act – karaoke for instance – you may have to pay more.
• A DJ set will also add to the price and may have to be procured from someone else.
• Most bands will provide their own equipment and install and set up.
• Supplying a band with food and a drink is considered the thing to do.
• Extra effects such as lighting shows will be additional to the standard cost.


• If you know of a band that plays the local circuit ask them to consider your occasion.
• Check for discounts on Sundays – some bands are happy to have engagements on a traditionally quiet day.
• Remember that he who pays the piper calls the tune – you may ask the band for a particular style of music.


• and are excellent sources of information and advice on everything.
• Ask in local music shops for bands that are suitable for weddings.
• Don’t be afraid to haggle on the opening quotes – it is possible to secure discounts.
• Use the internet for added information and options.

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