Wedding Planner Cost

How much does a planner photographer cost?

Many people choose to bring in a professional wedding planner to make sure their special day goes as best it can. These days there is much competition in what is a fast growing market, hence you will find many differences in the price and the service provided. From basic services to the full arrangements there is much to be considered and many have commented that having the planning take place out of their hands made the whole experience more enjoyable and less stressful. Make sure that you investigate the many options to get the most cost effective deal.

General Cost

• Wedding planners now tend to charge a flat rate rather than take a commission of the overall wedding budget, and this is a much more cost effective method of payment.
• For the planning of a straightforward wedding involving the organisation of the day itself and dealing with suppliers you can expect to pay, on average, around $2000. This will vary with the location and the amount of work involved.
• For a more comprehensive service, one where the planner includes ideas and advice and plays a part in the design and organisation of the event, expect that cost to double.
• A top of the range service in which the planner takes the entire event into their own hands, including organising every aspect of the day and the lead up itself, the cost can be in excess of $10000 depending on the experience and know-how of the planner.
• Bear in mind that the more expensive the region you live in, the more your wedding planner will likely charge.

Extra Cost

• There should be limited extra costs to the wedding planner’s original charge, although it is sometimes seen as fit to tip the planner to the tune of as much as 15 percent.


• Consider planning it yourself, and there are many helpful websites that will give you advice – try for a full checklist that is very useful indeed.
• Make sure that you are not incurring additional charges that you do not know about – check small print for odd clauses.
• Take on the advice of those who have already done the deal – a good and well handled service is a worthy recommendation.


• The Association of Bridal Consultants is a worthwhile reference as is the aforementioned
• Don’t be afraid to haggle on the opening quotes – it is possible to secure discounts.
• Use the internet for added information and options.

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