Wedding Videographer Cost

How much does a wedding videographer cost?

These days there is great demand for having weddings recorded on video, and with the improvements in technology in recent years it is rapidly becoming the preferred method of remembering the day. There are many different levels of video services that can be found and all will incur different charges, and this is why it is important to find the right deal providing the right service for you – and at the right price!

General Cost

• You will find that a wedding videographer charges a flat rate for the service, one that incorporates everything you wish to have included; it is what you want included that – ultimately – will determine the cost of the job.
• There are different scales of videographer, and they tend to be rated on experience and performance, but for a basic and simple wedding video, designed for the bride and groom to watch in the future, you can expect to pay anywhere up to $600.
• If you are engaging a videographer who offers more than that basic service and who comes with plenty of recommendations, you may pay as much as $2000 and this should include different angles, musical accompaniment chosen by the couple and some on screen titles.
• Moving on to the very top of the tree and the cost of a full scale luxury presentation, which should include a full video diary of the day and other relevant events leading up to it, the reception and more, plus special effect enhancement, will cost you easily in excess of $6000.
• Bear in mind that the more expensive the region you live in, the more your wedding videographer will likely charge.

Extra Cost

• Any special arrangements that you ask for, or pre-wedding shoots, plus extra copies of the DVD will cost you extra.
• Photo stills from the DVD will also add to the cost.


• If you know of a competent videographer consider asking them if they will take a basic film for a lower fee. Many people will be more than pleased to do so and, with the advent of digital photography, the results can be more than adequate.
• Make sure that you are not incurring additional charges that you do not know about – check small print for odd clauses.
• Take on the advice of those who have already done the deal – a good and well handled service is a worthy recommendation.


• is an excellent source of information.
• The National Press Photographers Association is also worth contacting.
• Don’t be afraid to haggle on the opening quotes – it is possible to secure discounts.
• Use the internet for added information and options.

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