Wedding Website Cost

How much does a wedding website cost?

The recent explosion in the sue of websites has led to every occasion being represented by the medium, and the wedding website is one excellent way of getting information across to guests, friends and family about the day to come and the way the plans are going. Whether you choose to simply post a basic website with regular updates of the proceedings or – as many people choose – create a diary style site that offers an ongoing story there is much to consider, and the cost – which will vary from site to site – is one consideration, although it should be a relatively minor one.

General Cost

• Setting up a website should be very much affordable these days, with even quit sophisticated versions weighing in at just a few dollars a month. However, at websites such as and you can set up free, basic websites for the purpose of publicising your big day and getting information across.
• A more sophisticated website, one that you build yourself with ‘tools’ provided online by the supplier, will cost anything between $40 and $100 a year – make sure you pay no more than the upper end for even the most advanced of wedding websites.
• You may choose to have a professionally designed website created – it is a costly exercise that will cost you at least $400 for the creation and at least $40 for hosting, and is a personal choice that may not yield much better results than the basic models provided by the hosting company.
• Renewal costs will be around $50 a year – or less if your rental was – should you wish your site to remain after the event.
• Bear in mind that costs vary greatly not only between locations but between individual providers in those locations.

Extra Cost

• You can have your website transferred onto a CD for safe keeping, for around $10 to $20.
• An email address that is relevant to the couple concerned and linked with the website will cost around $8 to $15 per month.


• Keep it basic for lower costs – the website is a publicity tool and does not need to be sophisticated.
• Strongly consider the free options – they are often quite impressive.


• and offer great advice on websites and other wedding arrangements.
• If you know of someone – a friend or family member – who can build websites ask them if they would consider helping.

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